Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Helix Institute facilitates online payments through various banks’ payment gateways directly integrated into our website,

Should a user initiate a payment on and be redirected to an integrated gateway, the following scenarios may occur:

1. Transaction Cancellation: Transactions may be cancelled if the internet connection abruptly breaks during processing.

2. Technical Issues: Transactions may also be cancelled due to technical problems from the user’s end, the gateway provider’s end, or Helix Institute’s end.

3. Refund Policy: Helix Institute adheres to a strict refund policy outlined in its Terms and Conditions. No refunds will be processed unless the amount has been successfully credited to Helix Institute’s bank account from the user’s account. All refund procedures will be executed in accordance with the refund policy detailed in the Terms and Conditions.