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How to prepare for medical entrance exams in 2019

Medical entrance exams are one of the toughest exams in India. The number of applicants is increasing each year In 2019 more than 14lakhs students applied for medical exams, but the worst part is only approx 35,000 seats were available in govt college and approx 36,000 seats in private colleges for MBBS/BDS. Now to clear the Medical entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS doesn’t only require dedication and hard work but also proper guidance and training from the mentor.  Helix Institute is the best institute for the medical entrance exam in Chandigarh.

Competition is now cut-throat. If you want to crack medical entrance exams then you’re required to put some extra efforts then others. To help you out with the preparation helix Institute has specially designed a guide to help the students how they can prepare for medical entrances exams. 

Best tips for preparation for medical entrance exams in 2019

Motivate yourself:

If you’re not confident and have doubt’s like it’s very hard or so may students give exams only a few get selected and so on. Then you’ll never make it. You need to trust in yourself and get yourself ready to do work hard. 

Before starting preparation you’ll need to be prepared mentally only then you can start further preparations because most of the times students couldn’t crack the exam in the first attempt and lose hope. You don’t have to do the same. 

Set schedule and follow:

You need to set a proper time table for your studies and make sure to follow the schedule. Your time table must include time for every subject. Now onwards you must give priority to your studies only then you can crack the exams. 

In our coaching classes, we’ve prepared the best schedule for students in which we cover all the topics from basic to advance. Our time table was designed in a manner that students should not feel any pressure on them. 

You need to do the same you also have to give time to all subjects each day. You can’t skip any subject. Divide your time equally with your subjects.

Test yourself:

You have to test yourself at the end of the week to track your performance, and your test must be in a NEET format because these test will train you for NEET exams. Most of the students do right answer wrong under pressure.

In Helix institute regular test is being held time to time and all questions from previous question papers of the NEET/AIIMS is covered in the question paper. These exams trained students how they can attempt question under pressure within a limited time period.

 Evaluate answers:

After the test, you need to check whether the attempted question is right or wrong and you need to study the wrong answers and understand it well so that you don’t make that mistake again.  

When we take any test, then we discuss all the question in the next class, so that each student can understand why the question is wrong. We also send reports to the parents so they can keep track of their students.

Study Important subject first 

It is the most important because you’ll not have extra time to waste on topics which is not important. For NEET you need to study Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in which bio solely contains 360 marks, Physics 180 marks, and chemistry contains 180. So start with biology because you have to understand each concept in detail.  

Helix Institue has a very planned schedule to cover the full syllabus. We pick up our syllabus with students and tries to cover the important topic first after then we study rest. We complete our syllabus before exams so that we can take tests and solve doubts in the class. 

We also give assignments for home so that students can practice at home and doubts get clear in the next class. 

At the End

If you really want to crack the medical entrance exams you really have to do hard work with proper guidance. It’s better to start preparation as early as possible so that you can get time to revise the whole syllabus before exams. You need the best institute who can prepare you well for your exams and Helix Institue is the best institute for the medical entrance exam in Chandigarh. Every year many students from helix institute crack the NEET/AIIMS and complete their dreams of becoming a doctor.  

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